Slayer Memes

10 Jun
Slayer Memes

Nothing can make me laugh as much as Slayer memes do!

Being a big fan of Slayer, it’s easy to find those memes entertaining, often the reason of my boisterous laughter. And throughout some time, I have collected Slayer memes for me to look at when I’m in a bad mood.

Here’s some of my favorites.

Somebody's raising his kids right.

Somebody’s raising their kids right.

If ever my future kid fails a test someday by answering a test just like that,
I won’t be mad at all.


On a side note, that metalhead dude who always appears on memes is very photogenic.
I actually envy him, I usually look like shit when people take stolen shots of me.


One of the many differences between the Big 4 fanbase.
In relation to the previous photo, Slayer fans are very much infamous for screaming
especially during their concerts.


If you’re familiar with their songs, you’ll get it.

Once again, if you always listen to their songs,
you’ll know how it feels to be their fan.

The same applies for the other bands featured in this meme.


It’s actually fascinating how most of their songs gives you this certain
Satanistic and very, very morbid feeling.
I just can’t explain this sensation, but it happens.

But still, I’m not a Satanist.


I’m not really sure if this is some kind of sick joke,
or the dude who did this is just dumb as fuck or drunk.

Spongebob Squarepants ft. Slayer lyrics.


This one below is just so evil and nasty.
I can imagine the look on the poor, innocent people’s reaction.

I wish I was there.


The song in this memes, South of Heaven.


I’m Roman Catholic and yet, I find this very funny!
Somebody out there got really creative on this one.

Yes,God listens…


I do not own any of the images.
The following photos on this blog post came from various internet sites.

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